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Following rising awareness and importance of Employer Branding concept across the globe since 1990s, more and more international leading players have been deploying systematic Employer Brand Strategies for a bid for significant effective of their overall human capital operation for global business development.
To take advantage of advanced managerial methodology, more and more international leading players have been facilitating introduction and localization of such strategies into the rest of the world, including Asia, and we also see a significant increase to the number of regional and local leading players introducing and deploying in Asia, such as China and India.
Meanwhile, in nowadays reality, on the side, though that the shortage of talent supply which is driven by the population constantly going down worldwide, is still fueling the war for talent remains in general, HR professionals and corporate managements still need maintain momentum in attracting and acquiring talent for future business sustainability; on the other side, due to accumulated pressure from the declining profit against ever continually soaring production cost together with gloomy demand amind current turnaround, HR professionals and corporate managements have to pay much more attention on pushing forward mechanism to boost high engagement of employee. People seek best practice in terms of a balanced employer brand strategy to meet sophisticated demands on both attraction and engagement sides.
With international cross-industry learning at its heart, LinLead is working hard to bring EBS2016 --The 5th Employer Brand Strategy (Learning) Summitfor thought update and business networking for  top Chinese, Asian and international HR and Corporate Branding professionals and senior executives. To help the organizer to deliver a representative and productive employer brand conference and share your thought leadership in ongoing HR transformation, you are invited to respond to the following online survey for agenda development as following. 



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