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LinLead Meetings

Independent B2B Meeting

Through organizing (including market research, topic development, meeting management, speaker recruiting and delegate engagement) market-oriented B2B meetings (workshop and conference) independently, we are devoted to delivering cutting-edge Business Intelligence (regarding Academic achievement, Research findings, Industrial & Regional outline, Market update, Technical advancement, Regulation policy changes etc ) and promoting proactive Thought Leadership for optimized decision-making related to Organizational Development, Business Innovation and Industrial Development.

What we present is much more than a conference / summit with a broad speaker faculty and a room full of business audience, but where the world’s regional and global businesses come to obtain business intelligence and interact with corporate decision makers. They are relaxing and comfortable area to refresh your mind and to find innovative ideas and forge practical solutions. They are ideal places to meet your customers and suppliers and incubate new business partnerships. Learning & networking at conferences and summits will gain increasing importance in your business life.

Masterclass / workshop is more likely an intensive course featured highly interactive seminar in respond to emerging challenges and technology advancement lasting from 2 day, to a week led by experienced business leaders and senior academics. LinLead’s public small-class training masterclass / workshop is always the ideal way to learn the specific techniques in an inspiring, closed & intimate environment.

With some occassions at large-scale events, a tailor-made site visit with high-ended reception is designed to witness the remarkable advancement of industrial facilities and organizational management. Our PR strength and considerate arrangement will ensure you enjoy the whole trip and leave the site equipped with practical skills and new contacts.