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LinLead | Live Intelligence»About Us 16 Jan 2018

About Us

Who We Are


As China mainland's first home-grown 3rd-party industrial meeting organizer, we make every endeavor to Empower People in Business to Make Decision for Excellence towards a sustainable world by Living Intelligence, since 2009.


Through organizing (including market research, topic development, meeting management, speaker recruiting and delegate engagement) market-oriented industrial meetings (B2B workshop and conference) independently, we are devoted to delivering cutting-edge Business Intelligence (regarding academic achievement, research findings, industrial & regional outline, market update, technical advancement, regulation policy changes etc ) and promoting proactive Thought Leadership for optimized decision-making related to Organizational Development, Business Innovation and Industrial Development.  


Our Vision 


Be part of Leadership Empowering People in Business by Living Intelligence.

In the long run, we are devoted to being the most constructive Live Intelligence Provider to Present Future for Businesses , through mapping business intelligence intensively for proactive Organizational Decision Making on future investment towards sustainable development, by organizing live industrial meetings independently, as a 3rd-party professional business service provider, in the emerging markets around the world.

Over the first 5 years, we grow ourselves into one of top independent industrial B2B meeting organizer in the Asia Pacific, both economically and socially. 


Our Mission


Developing Business Leadership:

We identify and develop future leaders in emerging markets for unpredictable business world, both from within LinLead and across the wider industry.

Benefiting Business Decision-making:

We map challenges and opportunities for an innovative business community, by inspiring high-quality live intelligence that breaks down isolation of information for proactive decision-making.

Advocating Sustainable Development:

We facilitate insight exchanging and foster healthy industrial relationships, by creating high-level live networking for sustainable business development.


Our Value

To achieve the above vision and missions, LinLead sets Excellence as the principal standard of service delivery and has drawn on a set of business values to guide our direction and action with 5Is value framework: Integrity, Involvement, Insight, Interdependence and Innovation, and as our core values which are illustrated as below :


Integrity: We hold honesty, integrity and conscientiousness as the foundation of our business.


Involvement: We believe theory need to be proved true by practice, and we encourage teammates to get involved actively with fresh business for continual positive changes.


Insight: Insight becomes scarcer where information is tremendously abundant. We appreciate independent insights generated by proactive teammates for value delivery.


Interdependence: We call for excellence from both individual teammate and the team simultaneously, and we believe interdependence between organizations in business is critical for a sustainable world.


Innovation: We strive to provide innovative service and create high value for excellence and diversity in the business community.


Our Uniqueness


LinLead hosts a series of high-level business meetings & events.


LinLead identifies and addresses the pressing issues facing the business and industrial community. LinLead events are developed based on state-of-the-art research including extensive and direct interactions with high-level government officials, illustrious scholars, and industry experts in the market.


LinLead prioritizes building long-term partnership with its clients, to deliver superior results.