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Yoga-aided Stress Management for Corporate Wellness Workshop, Shanghai

     ------A two-day Yoga-aided De-stress Management program, for the first time ever in China




26-27, March, 2014  Novotel Shanghai Atlantis


Why this workshop ?

Corporates lose hundreds of billions of dollars globally every year on employee wellness issues like medicare expenses, sick leave, absenteeism and presenteeism, etc.  And yet, a negligible fraction of that money if spent on holistic wellness training can make all the difference. Stress erodes employee engagement through depletion in happiness and motivation levels, and prevents leaders from leading. Stressed people just can not have the attitude of excellence in quality and in service to customers - the ultimate cutting edge for any company in an increasingly competitive globalized market. Stressed managers lose their focus and fail to manage their time, or their work-family balance, which leads to further stress until they are in a loop. 

LAO Tzu a mystic philosopher from ancient China said, "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step". This training could well be the vital first step in a new journey for you - a journey not in time and space, but in awareness. Five vital parts of this journey of consciousness are: Self-awareness (knowing oneself better at body-mind-soul levels), Self-Motivation / Self-Esteem (which can give us confidence and courage to face challenges), Self-Regulation & Discipline (it helps us to control our ego and change our bad habits/attitudes), Self-Expansion (reaching out in empathy to others and serving them as our larger Self) and finally, it is Self-Realization (which is called Self-Actualization in HR). 


The benefit of yoga, which more and more people the world over are taking to, is that it is preventive and curative at all levels of our being. Unlike gym exercises etc. which work upon the outer muscles only, yogic techniques go deep down to inner organs including endocrine glands. Pranayama helps to "format" brain-cells (science calls it "neuro-plasticity of the brain"), and quieten the mind thereby raising both motivation and focus, while meditation heals us at all levels, as modern neuro-sciences confirm.

Motivation again is a spiritual attribute, it comes from within. The saying is, you can take a horse to the well, but you cannot make it drink. Leaders cannot motivate their team-members, they can inspire them to motivate themselves and  here a whole lot of self-awareness, value-based self-management, emotional and spiritual  intelligence (EQ & SQ), empathy etc., come into play, which are amongst leadership attributes.

Workshop Overview

Or methodology will be holistic i.e. with a body-mind-soul approach blending the best of the East and the best of the West, but it will not be religious. It will integrate recent scientific findings in neuro-sciences / quantum physics and enlightened management thinking, with proven wellness techniques, how-to-live wisdom of Yoga-Meditation and universal values.

There will be 6 hrs of training plus little over an hour for three breaks, making about 7 to 7½ hours total per day. Little over half of this time on both days would be spent mostly pre-lunch on the practicals i.e. actionable techniques for wellness and stress management such as de-stressing/warm-up exercises, floor yoga in various postures, some breathing exercises (pranayama), a 3-min quick de-stressing technique, and non-religion-specific  meditation, all explained scientifically amid free inter-action with participants.

In the theory part which is mostly post-lunch, we shall have PP presentation and  videos, inter-active talk, real-life examples, tips to manage stress, right eating, conflict and anger resolution, developing empathy and love for all including what we do, leadership qualities, and useful insights on work-family balance, time mgmt., etc. 

You will be able to assess your own wellness / stress levels through multi-point questionnaires and you will learn a QDT (Quick De-stresing Technique), actionable at work-station or anywhere, by which in just 3 minutes.

The best part is all delegates will be entitled to availing by mails / online chats, free of any extra cost or obligation.

Comments form the delegates

  • Mr. Sawhney, CEO, ESPN Star Sports : I was touched by (Hans’) statement that working for long hours these days and then partying hard to recreate, was indeed like "burning the candle of life at both the ends".
  • Antonio Capillini, CMD, Goodyear India : Enjoyed very much and would like to be in contact. Felt much better after the two hours this morning.
  • Ramesh Chander, Chief Mgr, Oriental Bank : Loved the mixing of modern management with spirituality.