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International (Key) Account Management, Beijing

23-24, August, 2011, Beijing



   Program conducted in English

·          A systematic introduction to powerful strategies of B2B selling

·          Featuring provocation-based selling

·          Over 30% audience participation, 30% lecture

·          Discusses current best practices in B2B sales, adapted to suit the Asian business environment

·          Each participant receives a comprehensive fact-filled workshop-manual-cum-resource-book for easy on-the-job reference

·          Validated by EDS Advance Academy, Asia Pacific, in collaboration with major universities for CEU award purposes      

·           In association with HRD Gateway, this program offered in: Beijing, Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Jakarta, and Bangkok etc




To help participants acquire and internalize tested, proven and widely used selling techniques using engineering and project management approaches, so that each sale is accomplished professionally, and participants achieve high repeat sales results.




You will understand, know about, or learn..…..


·         how to sell in a non-manipulative manner when the customer has no budget

·         the differences between being product centric and solution centric

·         why people buy only what they want to buy, and when they are ready to buy

·         how to make prospects call you and say they want to buy from you

·         how to upgrade from "sales person" to "trusted advisor"

·         why a benefit will only be a benefit if it benefits the customer

·         how customers go thru a buying process

·         Strategic Selling -- basis of executive level professional selling

·         how to turn business-to-business selling into a science and a project

·         the key players in a complex buying situation

·         the S.U.S.U. model

·         how to gain access to the key decision maker

·         how to help prospects see (and admit that they have) problems

·         how to tactically diagnose prospects’ problems that your products can solve

·         the Tactical Sales Process -- the Pain-Pleasure Tactical Selling Model

·         the psychology of objections

·         how to analyze the John Hammond objection busting strategy

·         how to deal with “price” objections

·         how to help customer reach the final decision