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Visualised Leadership Workshop China 2015

9-10, April, 2015, Shanghai 


Part of Executive Leadership Development by LinLead

In this increasingly flat and fast moving world presenting so many challenges with new teams and partnerships forming as your  competition, even if you have achieved a “gold medal” for today’s performance, it is not enough to assure your success tomorrow.

They say leaders are born. We disagree. Great leaders have qualities, skills, and tools that can be acquired through their learning and practice.

This two day opportunity is for those who need to lead and who are feeling the pain of lack of results and thus definitely need significantly improved performance and real change in their organization.

You can attend this critical workshop and equip yourself with powerfully effective new leadership and management tools that will transform yourself and your business. Or you can bury your head in the sand and join the ranks of those who hope that performance and results are going to improve by “doing what we’ve always done”.

6 Key Reasons to Attend:

a)    Introduced with the original theory – The Hidden Advantage / Spiritual Intelligence, to test leader’s limit for leadership advantage

b)    Facilitated by David to add Eastern Wisdom to Western Scientific Management in a globally integrated view towards for leadership advancement

c)    Understand “4Ps” Leadership Framework - Purpose, Passion, Plan, Persistence to polish leadership competency

d)    Examine Graphical Planning Language to Visualise leadership for high impact team-building

e)    Equipped with unique approaches to increase empowerment power, including “BEMS” 4D Model and psychic Mastermind’s Power

f)     Take away useful toolkit to improve management capability, including DISC model and Contribution Contract

Event Format

This event will be held in a highly interactive workshop format. Case studies will be an important part of the workshop with plenty of opportunity to explore solutions for your personal leadership and business challenges.

Pre-event Questionnaire

A pre-event questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the workshop to help ensure the event will be optimized to focus on your specific needs.