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Strategic Succession for Business Success, Beijing

25-26 May 2010 

Beijing Swissotel Hong Kong Macau Center

“Managing Succession for Business Success”: A Strategic Process for Business Impact

Two day workshop complemented by individual coaching

Are you unsure how to maintain business continuity now while also planning for your future?  The answer lies in managing succession.  After all, the word succession includes the word success… yet organizations often overlook that aspect.  Managing succession is actually managing success.  This program brings you into the world of strategic evaluation and planning, showing you how to look at the factors that experience has shown must be examined, as well as aspects unique to companies in China.

If you want to learn why succession management is important, this program is you for.

If you want to learn how to manage succession, this program is ideal for you.

If you want to increase your business effectiveness and help ensure the future of your business, the program is essential for you.

In conjunction with fellow delegates who represent senior management, and a globally recognized expert, you will explore the practice and the principles of managing succession.  In specific, you will learn:

·         How succession management fits into what should be an integrated approach to managing talent and business strategy

·         Why managing succession is essential for business impact

·         What considerations need to be explored, whether you work in a global organization or a Chinese organization, a for profit or a not for profit organization

·         Who you need to work with as you plan for and manage succession

·         How to assess strategic needs, define critical roles, evaluate future leaders, communicate effectively, and manage a process continuously for maximum business impact


The program will take you logically through an understanding of what it is… why you should do it. And how to do it.  Additionally, you will start to plan your own Succession Management work.