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LinLead | Live Intelligence»Speakers 16 Jan 2018



Working at LinLead is extremely challenging, but with this comes great opportunities to advance career and enrich experience.

You will be required to take on a wide range tasks, and to learn faster than you would anywhere else. A week goes by in the blink of eye, and you will get more from one year of taking on challenges and pushing your limits here than you would from three years of going through the motions elsewhere.

Here Here is what our employees have to say:


                             Engagement Manager, Rosalind Dai 

"I feel so lucky that I work in LinLead Consultancy which is great, ambitious, single-minded pursuit of dreams . Although it is challenging, yet it makes me not only spiritually but also mentally matured. Here I have a good knowledge of not only the changing of the business environment all over the world, but also the operation of each industry. Moreover, working in LinLead widens my international vision, meanwhile improves my ability of solving kinds of problems, which absolutely is a precious treasure in my life."


                            Assistant Marketing Manager, Eartha Sun 

“Here, you can acquire how the world run, how the business operate and how the things develop. Also here, you can grasp how to build a high effective communication bridge between the business giants' decision panel. So, if you have already know where the world will to go and how the business should to develop, you can utilize the platform here to influence these decision maker, further to change the development of related things, ultimately change the world.”


                            Operation Specialist, Queenie Nie 

“Working at LinLead is my first formal commencement of job which is the start point of my entire career.I feel so glad and lucky to be in Linlead where there are excellent boss and colleagues. Everyone here has ambition who are not afraid of hardship and tireness and have been constantly surpassing and improving themselves. I do a lot of things, met a lot of problems, and solve them from which I got lots of experience and then gradually changed. Thank LinLead sincerely and I wish it a big success.”