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LinLead | Live Intelligence»Speakers 16 Jan 2018


Linlead Alumni

Working at LinLead is extremely challenging, but with this comes great opportunities to advance career and enrich experience.

You will be required to take on a wide range tasks, and to learn faster than you would anywhere else. A week goes by in the blink of eye, and you will get more from one year of taking on challenges and pushing your limits here than you would from three years of going through the motions elsewhere.

Here is what our alumni have to say:

Former Assistant Business Development Manager, Philip Soophilipsoo84@gmail.com

"From a professional perspective, I have learnt a huge amount about how to be an effective sales person. The challenges facing small companies and the market here in China. I am also greatly encouraged to meet a boss like Steven, who is so strong in running a company on sound principles."