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Greeting from LinLead in Beijing!

Pay soaring, labor cost high combined with talent supply down, how shall we achieve a balance where paying less for better fit?

Faced with increasingly faster talent mobility, how shall we drive engagement & leadership to channel employee satisfaction for an increased bottom line?

How shall we turn Employee Ambassadors into a competitive edge for future marketing?

The Employer Brand Thinking 2.0 will be a blue ocean perspective?

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Who will Speak?

Dialogue with MasterMr. Richard Mosleyco-Founder of the Employer Brand concept
CEO PerspectiveMr. Lorentz Jiang, CEO, China and Southeast Asia Nexus Electrical
Marketing PerspectiveMr. Geoff Li, Director, Branding & Communication, ChinaGE
Internet GiantMr. Buffon Wang, Director, Recruitment & Staffing Center, HR Tencent
Fortune 500Ms. Julia Li, Deputy Talent Development Director, China thyssenkrupp Elevator
Going Global Mr. John Sun, Group HR Director Fosun Group
Internet New Money Ms. Yi Dong, HR Head
Fortune 500Mr. Joshua Wei, Senior Manager HR Marketing and Recruiting, China BMW
Indian FocusMr. Manmohan Bhutani, (Global) Head HR & VP Business OperationsAmerican Cyber Systems Inc.

A Solution Oriented Learning Event?

Real cases by Internet New Leader, Hidden Champion and Fortune 500

Multiple perspectives from CEO, HR and Marketing Head

A Cross-cultural Dialogue with Simultaneous Interpretation

Led again by Richard Mosley

co-Founder of the Employer Brand concept

What's Employer Brand?

LinLead suggests Employer Brand is the sum-up of talent's perception of and feeling about Employment and Talent Development service provided by a certain organization as an employer; it's reflected as a set of brand identities and related advantages mainly drawn from its people practice (HR operation) and corporate culture.

however, the critical brand identity is 'Brand Talent' it is able to acquire, engage and inspire.

Who Should Attend?


to transform a Product Centered Business into People Driven one;


to build an Employer Brand for people advantage;

Corporate Culture Manager

to transform Corporate Culture for leadership sustainability;

Talent Management Head

to drive Engagement Rate for better Production;

Recruiting Manager

to acquire Better Fit with less spending;

Marketing Manager

to turn employee into future marketer.

To update thought leadership at the Employer Brand learning event --

EBS 2015' 4th Employer Brand Strategy (Learning) Summit

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An Add-on Learning Option

An add-on learning workshop Led by Ms. Xiao-ying Shou available if you are new to the topic Employer Brand Strategy

New Employer Brand Manager (Learning) Workshop

18, December, 2015

Who Paid to have Learned from LinLead?

Since 2009, LinLead has been an independent B2B learning event organizer, running EBS series as No. 1 Employer Brand learning meeting in Asia, receiving delegates mainly from Brands who build to Last, including:

Walmart, Shell, Coca-Cola

Alibaba, Haier, Lenovo etc.

LinLead also provides advice on career development for professionals.

Who is the Producer?

Steven Li, Chief Producer, LinLead, who manages the EBS event has evolved his thinking on Employer Brand by suggesting

P2P (People to People) Brand Model

for total brand experience, backed by his multi-functional experience from ranging industries, including 7 years in Marketing, 7 years as Chief with a dual role- HR Management.

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