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The reason for our companys existence, is to help deliver the right information to the right people, whenever and wherever they need it, including market updates, technological development, business ideas, proficiency and strategic direction. We do this via our B2B events - unique and exclusively tailored and well-researched platforms for exchanging and sharing the latest intelligence and leadership!

For many organizations, partnership with LinLead events has become an integral part of their marketing mix, delivering a hard-to-achieve blend of branding, positioning, association and critically face-to-face interaction with the persons that matter. We handle all administrative, meet marketing and promotional needs, leaving you free to concentrate on your own plans for the event and to generate new business.

We can tailor specific sponsorship and exhibition packages to help you meet and influence the key persons who are going to ensure the growth of your business now and in the future.

LinLead''s promotional opportunities provide a fast track to:

  • Building a quality customer base
  • Building brand awareness and corporate profile
  • Launching new products and services
  • Gaining competitive advantage and increased market share

To discuss your ideas or get further information about sponsoring and exhibiting, please contact the Sponsorship team at +86 (0)10 85711440-605, or by emailing srvice@linleadmeeting.com