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Employer Brand

The information age has transformed the way we work, generations X & Y enjoy boundless choices and demand an unprecedented level of self-realization. This applies in the employment market, especially as the global war for top talent continues to escalate. In the face of this challenge, an Employer Brand’s perspective will equip human resource managers and developers with more strategic mindsets, transforming their view on functional practice, and enabling their organization to form and communicate a cohesive core value to attract, inspire and retain the talent effectively.

To lead the leap in the transformational talent management attend Linlead’s independent Employer Brand events – the ideal platform for exchanging up-to-the-minute industry information and insights with senior executives and leading experts.

Developing an Effective Employer Brand Strategy Workshop 2011
Strategic Succession for Business Success Workshop 2010
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Workshop 2016
EBS2017 - The 5th Employer Brand Strategy (Learning) Summit
EBS 2015 ‘4th Employer Brand Strategy Summit
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