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Customer Communication

Consumers across the world are extremely demanding, it isn’t new, more worse, mass marketing is dead, and the era of interactive customer communication has dawned. Customer have stopped being just the recipients of company’s products, but have now become the very starting point and driving force for production. To thrive in this age companies must master effective two-way customer communication and learn to be customer-driven, with every department working towards satisfying and exceeding customer’s expectation.

To lead the leap in customer engagement attend Linlead’s independent Customer Communication events – the ideal platform for exchanging up-to-the-minute industry information and insights with senior executives and leading experts.

International (Key) Account Management Workshop 2011 Beijing
Visualised Leadership Workshop China 2015
WEAstern Leadership in Business (WEAL) Summit, Asia
Cross-Cultural Communication (CCC) Summit, China 2016
International Strategic B2B Negotiation Workshop 2011 Shenzhen
Yoga-aided Stress Management for Corporate Wellness Workshop 2014
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