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Delegate Invitation Letters

Delegate Invitation Letter-3rd Visualised Leadership Workshop, Shanghai 2014

Leadership inspired by Mandela-3rd Visualised Leadership Workshop, Shanghai, December, by LinLead

Dear Professionals,

Mandela dies, the world respects, as we lost a great leader to follow.
Why is he able to lead and do people follow naturally, in his country and the rest of the world?
It is not positional power or tricky skill he possesses, but great personality he grows, that generates great personal power as an arena at which he leads and empower.
So Mandela tells me one thing regarding leadership – personality is the key. Great personality make a great human being, a great human being at a position can lead naturally. If we decide to lead people and expect team to follow, we''d better develop and lead ourselves firstly, through building up personality.
In response to this, we invite your organization to send your senior executives to develop personality and enhance personal power -- access Spiritual Intelligence to unleash The Hidden Advantage, by attending the LinLead’s high level leadership development workshop on 2-3, December, 2014 in Shanghai:
3rd Visualised Leadership Workshop China 2014 Shanghai Stop
Where David Powell, the conceiver and creator of the theory of The Hidden Advantage will conduct the master class on the theory, and lead onsite discussion to uplift delegates’ personal power and advance their leadership competency, with a combined Western and Eastern approach.
Register Now Online, or fax your completed registration form to +86 10 8571 1149, to enjoy the best rate to save the most.
With David as the trainer speaker, who dictates over 40 years professional experience regarding leadership development, with clients spanning the all 5 continents in the world, including London Olympics 2012, we believe you will be attracted by:
6 Key Reasons to Attend:
a)  Introduced with the original theory – The Hidden Advantage / Spiritual Intelligence, to test leader’s limit for leadership advantage
b) Facilitated by David to add Eastern Wisdom to Western Scientific Management in a globally integrated view towards for leadership advancement
c) Understand “4Ps” Leadership Framework - Purpose, Passion, Plan, Persistence to polish leadership competency
d) Examine Graphical Planning Language to Visualise leadership for high impact team-building
e) Equipped with unique approaches to increase empowerment power, including “BEMS” 4D Model and psychic Mastermind’s Power
f) Take away useful toolkit to improve management capability, including DISC model and Contribution Contract
The workshop will work best for Founder, Chief Officer and Senior Manager with + 10 years, highly exposed to cross-cultural management, as you will see how similar delegates appraise:
What Past Participants said:
1,“Great workshop and beneficial for the leadership development. This is the best leadership workshop I have ever attended in China. So enlightening and systematic.” --by CEO, China, Edible
2, “It was FANTASTIC, exceeded all my expectations and all the attendees were unanimous in this feedback. It has re-energised all of us. David is a superb facilitator and his passion is catching. I can recommend this workshop to anyone.” --by Head of Clinical Programme Management, Roche
3,“Through systematic learning featured mediation approach, the workshop promoted my leadership very much, I’m fond of such highly interactive workshop with limited participants.”-- by Chief Scientist, GBI
4,“Great, the workshop really inspired me a lot. Thanks.” -- by HRD, Neusoft Medical Group
Learn more about this unique live learning opportunity for your senior management by calling +86 10 8571 1440-605, emailing leadership@linleadmeeting.com or Clicking Here to download the brochure.
Looking forward to your presence.
Steven Li(李笛)
Conference Producer会议出品人
LinLead Co.领励公司
3rd Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit 2014(EBS 2014第三届雇主品牌战略峰会):13-14 Nov, 2014