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Delegate Invitation Letters

Delegate Letter-EBSS 2014-Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit, Asia 2014
Invite to Improve Recruitment Marketing and Emplyee Engagement, by Responding to Employer Brand Stud
Dear Professionals,
Greeting from EBS team with LinLead in China!  
Is Employer Brand just “Employer Branding” to potential hires to refurnish your image to the external world? Can Employer Brand be a magnet to existing employees to enhance your value system for the internal engagement? Or, will Talent Brand put organizational leadership on display, forming the 3rd prong to underpin your Employer Brand strategy? 
Let’s find out!  
At the next edition of the Asia’s No.1 learning event on Employer Brand, the independent learning event organizer, LinLead China announce that the 3rd Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit Asia 2014 has been schedule to happen on 13-14, November, 2014 in Shanghai, China.   
With better presentation of recent development of thought update regarding Employer Brand thinking and practice being introduced in 3 continents, including Asia, Oceania and Europe, Richard Mosley, the co-founder of the Employer Brand concept, will lead again the cross-industrial speaking faculty. Delegates at the event will be rewarded the latest thinking and insights into Employer Brand which is well explained in Richard new Book on the concept.  
We are now encouraging professionals from HR and Marketing to seize the last chance to participate in the online survey for:   
Employer Brand Study & Research for EBS 2014, to be part of bid for a better representative learning gala for your own development and the stake of the whole community!  
The survey will be closed on 15, July, 2014, before that date each respondent will be rewarded 15% off for attending the event ahead! And enthusiastic nominators have chance to win a ticket to the event! 
Just click to take the survey  
For English version: www.diaochapai.com/survey893279  
For Chinese version: www.diaochapai.com/survey890529  
For more details, please write to service@linleadmeeting.com,or call 0086 10 85711440-603.  
EBS team
Steven Li(李笛)  
Conference Producer (会议出品人)  
Website: www.linlead.net-  
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