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Delegate Invitation Letters

Delegate Letter 2-EBSS 2014-Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit, Asia 2014

15 July, LAST DAY to WIN Access to 3rd Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit Asia 2014 by LinLead in China 

Dear Professionals,

Online Survey- Employer Brand Study & Research for EBSS 2014, will be closed after 15, July, 2014!
By the end of 15,July, 2014, each respondent will be rewarded 15% off from registration! And enthusiastic nominators have chance to win a ticket to the event!
Improving your ability to attract and engage talent has been a priority focus at your departmental meetings, but you still lack a clear employer brand strategy. Why is that? Employer Brand thinking is powerful, but it is easier said than done, to put it into reality.
To facilitate your quest for employer brand know-how, the independent learning event organizer, LinLead has joined forces with our Platinum Sponsor TMP Worldwide, the global leader in employment marketing, to bring you the 3rd Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit Asia 2014.
The 3rd Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit Asia 2014 is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China, on 13-14, November, 2014, with 1 day learning workshop and 1 day main conference. It will feature the leading global employer brand expert, one of founder of Employer Brand concept, Richard Mosley, and a line-up of highly experienced international speakers from leading companies across Asia and Europe.
As the No.1 employer brand learning event in Asia, the EBS summit will showcase how an effective employer brand strategy fuels organizational momentum for desired leadership essential to business success, through boosting organization’s capability in both acquiring and engaging talent, with a special introduction of an Employer Brand concept-Talent Brand.
In the exclusive learning workshop, Richard Mosley, co-author with Simon Barrow of the first book breaking ground worldwide on Employer Brand Management will conduct a highly interactive learning course covering the framework and application of employer brand thinking, and share the very latest thinking in this fast evolving discipline, drawn from his new book for this year.
While the event agenda is being finalized, we encourage professionals from HR and Marketing to seize the last opportunity to participate in our online survey: Employer Brand Study & Research for EBSS 2014, By the end of 15, July, 2014, to ensure we shape the event to meet your needs.
For more details, please write to service@linleadmeeting.comor call 0086 10 85711440-603.
We look forward to your involvement ahead.
The Platinum Sponsor:
Since 1967,especially in recent years in the new century, TMP supports a global client base that spans virtually in all sectors of private, public, and government employers, and deploys leading employer brand worldwide, by leveraging its strategic mix of talent and technology for human capital management community .
The organizer:
As China Mainland's 1st home-grown independent B2B learning meeting organizer, since 2009, LinLead has been building on professionalism around the topic Employer Brand.
On behalf of
EBS team
Steven Li(李笛)
Conference Producer(会议出品人)
Website: www.linlead.net-
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