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Delegate Invitation Letters

Delegate Letter 3-EBSS 2014-Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit, Asia 2014

Dear My Colleagues,

Talent is the biggest equity? Not really.
Talent will be the biggest equity ONLY when it is engaged RIGHT, otherwise it will provide cost, financially and socially, to your team performance and RUIN ongoing recruitment effort.
How can pioneering practitioners apply Employer Brand thinking to increase Internal Engagement and deliver more value? How can Employee Engagement deliver more effective Recruitment Marketing?
You are invited by the EBS learning series to attend the onsite learning group at
the Main Conference of
3rd Employer Brand Strategy (EBS) Summit, Asia 2014 (EBSS 2014)
which is scheduled by the independent learning meeting organizer, LinLead, to take place on 13, November, 2014. At this event you will have the opportunity to learn from benchmarking Case Studies and Examples, with an additional Learning Workshop, as a post-conference meeting on 14, November, on EVP and Employer Brand Management. This event is taking place at Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai, China.
Learn more about this unique live learning opportunity by Clicking Here to Download the Topic Brief, or calling +86 (0)10 85711440-605, and emailing to eb@linleadmeeting.com to request for an Event Brochure
The main conference is themed “Engaging the RIGHT Talent to deliver BETTER Performance, meanwhile to Acquire the Like Minded”, and the EBSS 2014 will cover
6 Key Learnings:
1) Developing a compelling EVP (Employee Value Proposition) balancing global alignment with effective localization
2) Applying an Employer Brand led Recruitment Marketing Strategy to win over the war for quality talent
3) Introducing an Employer Brand Ambassador program to profile a distinctive Workplace/Leadership
4) Applying Employer Brand thinking to deliver a more positive employee experience and promote stronger Employee Engagement
5) Introducing the concept of Employer Brand Equity and the latest tools and techniques for measuring Employer Brand ROI
6Information Technology’s role in effective Employer Brand management
What Difference at EBSS 2014?
A) Featured Richard Mosley, the coauthor of the 1st book on Employer Brand with Simon Barrow who founded the Employer Brand concept
B) Pioneering Experts from 2 continents: Asia and Europe, spanning Inhouse, Academia,and Consultancy Research
C) Benchmark Practice from both Global Giants and Local Leaders, including adidas, Alibaba, AstraZeneca, Deutsche Bank, Chinese Elegant.Prosper, Fiserv, Metlife and Siemens,
D) Opportunities for the Audience to Question and Challenge on-stage Expert Panel
E) Cross-cultural setting with English/Chinese simultaneous interpretation
F) 1 day Learning Workshop + 1 day Main Conference for choice
Since 2010, the LinLead’s EBS series remains the No. 1 Employer Brand learning meeting in Asia, receiving delegates mainly from Brands who build to last, including biggest companies Walmart, Shell, Coca-cola and the most respectable Chinese employers Alibaba, Haier, Lenovo etc.
As a purely independent learning meeting, the advanced EBS learning series has been inspiring active providers in Employ Brand Consultancy / Service in Asia, through training and case-study session, including Work, Maximum, Oxus, PinCN, Alexander Mann and HRoot
Register for your delegates to the learning event, please write to service@linleadmeeting.com.
Looking forward to your involvement ahead.
The Platinum Sponsor:
Since 1967,especially in recent years in the new century, TMP supports a global client base that spans virtually in all sectors of private, public, and government employers, and deploys leading employer brand worldwide, by leveraging its strategic mix of talent and technology for human capital management community .
The Gold Sponsor
Career International
As the leading total recruitment solution provider in Asia, established in 1996, Career International provides the Executive Search ,RPO, Flexible Staffing, Sales & Marketing Outsourcing, Campus Recruitment, Training and Talent Acquisition Consulting Services to +1000 leading employers, in + 18 vertical and horizontal markets, with + 1000 professionals in 40 offices across APAC.
On behalf of EBS team
Steven Li(李笛)
Conference Producer(会议出品人)
Website: www.linlead.net-
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