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LinLead | Live Intelligence»News 16 Jan 2018

Delegate Invitation Letters

EVP Development and Employer Brand Management MasterClass Open in China in Nov.


A post-conference exclusive learning workshop/training course on developing an effective Employer Brand strategy will be held on 14, Nov., 2014 in Shanghai, China, as part of EBSS 2014, the 3rd Employer Brand Strategy Summit, Asia 2014.


The learning meeting organizer LinLead is pleased to announce the global authority and leading author on employer brand, Richard Mosley will come down from UK, to conduct the workshop/taining, and facilitate onsite discussion, which gathers executives and professionals in Recruiting, Talent Management/OD, HRBP and Branding/Communication from China and Asia, who are eager to learn and share leading-edge concepts and best practice in the field of employer brand management.


Increased business competitiveness has sparked managerial communities’ interest in employer brand management practice in China and Asia, however the perceptions of the discipline vary significantly. People coming from marketing often see “employer brand management” as an additional promotional tool for developing a good external reputation; people from CSR see it as a tool for reinforcing good corporate citizenship; and recruiters and reward practitioners, see ”employer brands” as a combination of all tangible and intangible employment benefits designed to attract talent. However, employer brand strategy can play a bigger role.


The viewpoint from business communities indicates deployment and development of employer brand strategy helps to drive the transformation of HR from traditional administration into human capital management, as well as increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of talent acquisition, engagement and retention.


At the 1 day small class based learning workshop/training course, Richard Mosley will well introduce the framework of Employer Brand Management with a particular focus on EVP development, and lead onsite discussion and debate on key moments and pitfalls in developing and managing employer brand.


This learning workshop is part of LinLead's EBS learning series, which has attracted and trained senior executives from the world's leading players, including Alibaba, Audi, AIA, Baidu, Bosch, Bayer, eBay, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic, P&G, Philip Morris, Kingsoft, Lenovo, LEGO, SMB Bank, Tecent/QQ, Wal-mart and employer brand consultancies like Oxus, Maximum, HRoot etc.


Richard Mosley is widely recognized as one of the leading world authorities on employer brand development and management. This has involved a significant focus on core values, employee engagement and culture change as well as the more externally focused dimensions of external reputation and talent attraction. His first book, ‘The Employer Brand’, which was co-authored with Simon Borrow and laid the foundation for Employer Brand concept worldwide, has become a global best-seller, and the sequel: ‘Employer Brand Management: Practical Lessons from the World’s Best Employers’ published in September 2014.


The 3rd Employer Brand Strategy Summit Asia, 2014, will kick off with a case-study-filled main conference on 13, Nov, 2014, in Shanghai, China.


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or drop an email to him, at steven.li@linleadmeeting.com.